Root canal therapy in Harvard

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Harvard root canal

A Harvard root canal doesn’t have to be scary or painful. At Dental Center of Harvard, we perform this procedure for patients and aim to have them in and out quickly, with minimal pain and recovery time. We provide patients with innovative surgical care for their teeth. We handle a lot of traumatic dental injuries in our office and emergency patients who need treatment immediately. e specialize in oral & maxillofacial Surgery In a highly professional and experience.

Harvard root canal

We offer you the full range of dentistry. We service teenagers, adults and seniors. Services include dental implants, fillings and gum treatments. We also perform emergency wisdom teeth extractions and emergency root canals. When wisdom teeth first grow in, they can cause pain and swelling, especially if they have been impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth may need extractions.  Sometimes a root canal may be needed when you have a dental emergency. We take walk ins as well as appointments for patients who need immediate care.

If you are in pain and have a throbbing tooth, don’t hesitate to call us today. If you have questions, or for general appointments, check our website online to make your first appointment. Patients have great things to say about our office and staff, and they experience the difference in customer care the moment they walk in the door. We treat each patient individually and take the time needed so that we can offer them an individualized treatment plan. For more information, call or visit our offices and speak to one of our friendly representatives.